Головна Війна 2022

Publisher, Azov fighter Mykola Kravchenko died defending Ukraine

By Iryna Pavlenko. Published May 2 at 4:00 pm

It was March 14, 2022. Week three of the war. Mykola Kravchenko, together with his colleague and close friend was accompanying foreign journalists from Fox News in the village of Horenka, Buchansky District, Kyiv Region. Russian Grad rockets hit the car they were in. And on that afternoon of March 14, all communication with the group was lost.

“At first everybody thought they had gone to an area where Russian electronic warfare muted communications. In the past servicemen could disappear for 1-3 days in encirclement or a ‘gray’ zone, and then they got back in touch with the army. But then Mykola Kravchenko’s body was identified in one of the morgues.


Kyiv Post


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