Головна Важливо Азов

I am commander of Azov regiment, Denis Prokopenko. I call to the leaders of the world

Right now, in Mariupol, at “Azovstal” steel factory hundreds of civilians are sheltering. Among them – people of all ages, women, children, families of Mariupol defenders. They are sheltering in the basements and bunkers from “russian world” They found their only available shelter next to the Ukrainian soldiers, who are still defending the city from russian invaders.

Russian occupational forces, and their proxy from “lnr/dnr” know that, they know about civilians, and they keep their fire on the factory willingly. They use free fall bombs, rockets, bunker-buster bombs, all varieties of artillery, both ground and naval for indiscriminate attacks.

City theater, maternity hospital, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, houses were destroyed by those who now offers civilians evacuation and safety. These are the same people. And nobody believes these bastards. Therefore I urge the politicians of all civilized world to organize a proper “green corridor”, ensure it’s safety and provide immediate evacuation and protection of civilians, wounded soldiers, and bodies of dead soldiers, to bury them with honors.

АЗОВ – Маріуполь


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